Monday, July 29, 2019

Mosaic Mural - small side

Mosaic mural - small side
Image size 27" x 40"
I did the pattern for the smaller side of the mosaic mural this week.  I just noticed that I didn't add any circles for the glass beads, so I need to do that.

Here is a picture of how they will look in my yard.  I took this before I designed the smaller side.

I know this looks pretty rough, but you get the idea.  Once it is installed, I will do plantings that overhang the edges so that it will look more like a pond.

I also spent a lot of time cutting out pattern pieces from the larger side this week.  There are over 400 pieces on that side, not counting the circles.  I have cut about 300 of them.  

I'm keeping track of the time I spend on this project just for fun.  So far, I've spent more that 40 hours on it and I haven't even touched a piece of clay!

It's a slow process, but very meditative.

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