Monday, March 2, 2020

Koi Tile Mural

Tile Mural
Image size, huge!
Glazed tile
I can't believe that I've finally finished painting this project!  I'm so excited (and scared) to start firing the pieces.  The large side is 12' long and almost 4' wide at the widest point.  The small side is about 36" x 30".  The colors are very pastel now but will be darker and more intense once they are fired.  The rust color in the water is actually a translucent green and the gray color is dark blue. I don't know if the green will even show up once it is fired.  Hopefully, I will like the total effect of the mural when it is finished!  

My next step is to add a clear glaze to each piece and begin firing them.  I think I will need to do about 15 firings because my kiln is small.  That's assuming that I like the outcome the first time.  Each firing takes about 6 hours to get up to temperature and twice that long to cool down so I can do 1 firing a day.  I only run the kiln if I'm home so I'll see how long this takes.  If I need to re-fire any pieces it will take even longer.

Below are close up pictures of the mural.
Small side
This should look very similar to the practice mural I posted a few weeks ago.  The fish and lily pads are in the same place but I made straight sides so that it can be hung as a painting.

The following pictures are of the large side going from left to right.  

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