Monday, March 16, 2020

Late Afternoon Eucalyptus

"Late Afternoon Eucalyptus"
Image size 19" x 7"
The surface for this painting is a piece of dark blue mat board that was coated with pumice gel to give it some tooth to grab the pastel.  I like the specks of blue peeking through the pastel.  It doesn't show that much in the photo but adds a lot of interest in person.  The sun was setting in the reference photo so the bottoms of the clouds were hit by the light, which is unusual.  As I'm looking at this now, I see that I need to flatten the shape of the lower part of the cloud and make the top more rounded.  They look like they are upside down because of the shape and the lightest part being on the bottom.  I guess I could just say I did that on purpose to make it a more surrealistic painting! Haha 

The large side of my ceramic mural is about halfway fired.  I'm looking forward to installing it.  I'm still waiting for the rains to stop for a few days so that I can have the concrete base for it poured.


  1. Wonderful painting...the texture and shadows on the walkway is painted beautifully. Stay safe in this very scary world....


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