Monday, January 25, 2010

Cyber Cafe - Silk Painting

I've found so many places I want to paint while virtually visiting Corsica, so I've taken the challenge again. I decided to make this one more fanciful so I chose Silk dyes on silk as my medium. When I found this scene, I was attracted to the laundry hanging between the windows. I don't know why I find that so appealing. Laundry is not at all appealing when I see it in our house. It's funny how something becomes charming when it's in another culture. Oh well, I guess I should be happy that I have a clothes dryer and don't have to hang my laundry to dry. I've included my reference photo below so that you can see that I went crazy employing artistic license with this one. I re-built the building, added plants and changed the colors on the building and shutters. I wonder if it can still be considered a reference photo.
I have one more Corsica painting in the works that I will hopefully finish this week.

Cyber Cafe
Image size 16" x 16"


  1. Nancy, this is stunning! I am blown away by the magic you work with silk! You captured the landmark and gave it spirit and atmosphere! What a great job! Never has hanging laundry been so charming!

  2. Nancy,

    You brought this scene to its bare bones and is perfect. Maybe laundry gets out attention because it connects us. We all need to do it or have it done.

    Thank you for posting the reference photo. It made it all the more interesting.

  3. How beautiful, Nancy! And to know it is on silk makes it that much richer. I love the artistic license you took and am enchanted by your eyes that can make something desolate into something beautiful!

  4. Rosemary, Rusty and Sherry, thanks you for such nice comments. I was hesitant to try doing the virtual paintout challenge as a silk painting but I'm pleased with the outcome.

  5. Glad you did it (and glad you explained it was on silk because I was blown away with its "look" and would have made myself crazy trying to duplicate it for myself!). Gorgeous.

  6. Thanks Carol. You should try silk painting. It's so much fun!

  7. that is charming, and so well done...would love to go there, next time take me with you!

  8. Someday maybe I'll get there in real life. I hope so. It looks like a beautiful island. For now, I'll have to be happy with visiting virtually through Google street maps.

  9. Nancy your painting is SO much more fun than the photo! This is a great example of the right way to take artistic license. I love how you painted the texture of the old stone wall.

    BTW the answer to your resist question is on my post of today.

  10. I got a smile at your thought about someone else's laundry being "charming".
    I found myself looking for evidences of peoples lives, like laundry :), when I was virtual touring in Corsica.
    What a wonderful result in your silk painting!

  11. Thanks Leslie. I find myself looking for evidence of people's lives also. It took a while (surprisingly) to find hanging laundry. I wanted to paint hanging laundry for the Mexico City paintout but never found any which was a shock because when we're in Mexico, it's hanging everywhere! Maybe Google's camera truck wasn't there on laundry day.


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