Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter in Corsica

I've been traveling (virtually) in Corsica, France this week. As I was traveling on the coast, I noticed mountains with snow in the background. I was intrigued because I wasn't expecting to find snow on an island in the mediterranean so close to beautiful beaches. This is my favorite location since I've been participating in the virtual paintout challenges since October. I have another painting, done in oils, that I'm working on and I hope to finish in time to post it before the January 31 deadline. This one is painted with gouache on gessoed wood. I really wanted to capture the coldness and clouds covering the mountains. I decided to use the airbrush to add the cloudiness because the paint lifts when I try to add color. I thought the airbrush would allow a layer to be adding without disturbing the previous layers. That probably would have worked if this were painted on paper but on this surface, the lower layer curdled when I sprayed the clouds on. Arrgghh! Not only did I NOT achieve the look I wanted, I ended up scraping off paint and repainting the mountains. Oh well, that's all part of experimenting, right?

Winter in Corsica
Image size 6" x 6"
Gouache on gessoed wood - sides painted dk brown. Doesn't need frame


  1. Wouldn't have known anything had gone wrong with this if you hadn't mentioned it! The chilly whites and grays are very effective in conveying the mood. And I like the absence of detail in the trees.

  2. As much as I love trees, Nancy, I have to say that it is those gorgeous snow topped mountains that grab my eyes. Despite the travails they have given you, they sure came out beautifully! Wouldn't that road be scary if the snow made it down to that elevation? I really like this piece; there is a deceptive sense of simplicity to it. Our roads ARE similar! Corsica is beautiful, isn't it?

  3. Nice work. Corsica is a wonderful island and you show this in your painting.

  4. I like your painting, and the fact you paint with gouache, as I do.
    I drove on roads like that in Cosrica, I was scared, because I wasn't accustumed,I didn't dare to look at the drop , and the road are very narrow, there, and in often in bad state!
    But it is such a lovely country...

  5. Deborah, I think the gouache really help to portray the sense of chill in this painting. Thank you for your nice comments.

    Sherry, I wouldn't want to drive in that snow on that skinny road. I'd go over the edge for sure. I also think Corsica is beautiful. I've spent many hours traveling around the island when I should have been painting (or cleaning, cooking, doing laundry etc.). Google travel is addicting.

    Murilo, I'm glad you like my painting. Can you believe how many paintings there are for this location this month? It's definitely one of the most popular places so far.

    Sylviane, I'm glad to find another gouache artist. I'm also glad you gave a heads up about the actual roads there. It is a beautiful place but perhaps a virtual trip to those mountains is better than truly being there. Don't you love Google?


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