Monday, May 10, 2010

Farmer's Market - Silk Painting

This is another silk painting that I painted to enter in the "Live and Play in Tustin" show. I should know soon if they got into the show. I almost didn't enter this year. The theme really stumped me because it seems like you really need to have a person in the painting that is showing the living and playing in Tustin. Well, I don't like painting people. I made a couple of attempts and then decided to skip the show this year. After talking with the gallery owner, I decided to make a last attempt and I'm glad I did. I'm pretty happy with both of them. I like the way they look framed. Silk paintings are always so fresh and happy looking to me.

Farmer's Market
Image Size 15" x 15"
Silk Dyes on Silk


  1. Nancy these are beautiful. The colors in them are so vibrant, and the design is so light-hearted. Makes me smile! Thank you.

  2. Beautiful it is like all your work so full of life and light. Makes me look for more holidays.

  3. I think it is fabulous, Nancy. There is a 3-D effect happening too. And I find myself almost being able to smell the fresh dirt and garden produce! Good luck in the show!

  4. It's lovely and vibrant! I'm glad you decided to paint it!

  5. I agree the girl in the skirt and hat makes the first piece more summery and fun. Same for the lighter palette. Love the Farmers Market too - it looks very fresh! (What IS it about silk painting?? :)

  6. There is definitely a bright, clean look that can be achieved with silk dyes that no other medium seems to give. I love them!

  7. I love your silk paintings. They are so full of the joy of the season. And congratulations for getting them in the show.


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