Monday, May 3, 2010

First Bloom - Silk Painting

This is the silk painting I told you about in last week's post. This was the second one I painted and I am happy with the outcome. I painted this to enter into a local contest held at Chemers Gallery. The theme for the show is "Live and Play in Tustin." I'll find out next week if it gets in. Below is my first attempt at this scene.
I just taped it onto a board and it's not stretched which is why it's so uneven looking. Also, I wasn't paying attention when I taped it down and it's backward from the way I painted it. Of course, that doesn't really matter because with silk painting, the color is the same from both sides. There are several reasons that made me feel that this first attempt wasn't as successful as it could be. Even though I always garden in pants, this person dressed in pants didn't feel right. I also don't like the sunglasses. I think my second attempt with the girl in a skirt and hat just feel more garden-like.

First Bloom
Image Size 30" x 18"
Silk Dyes on Silk


  1. Nancy,
    Both silk paintings are lovely however I agree with you that the second one IS better. Beautiful work!

  2. Actually, I really like them both, Nancy. I think they'd be a great matched framed pair for a wall. I cannot think of the artist whose work these remind me of, especially the first one you showed...But they remind me of something/someone's work I've seen from a long time ago. I love these pieces, the fact that they are on silk, the clean and fresh feeling from them. Beautifully done, my friend. (You are too hard on you!)

  3. Maria, thank you.
    Sherry, thank you and I had to laugh when I read that you think I'm too hard on myself. YOU are much harder on yourself than I am! Maybe we should both only say nice things about ourselves, hmmmm?

  4. Very nice Nancy. Congratulations.


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