Monday, August 15, 2011

Fairbanks, Alaska - Silk Painting

I found this log cabin while I was traveling virtually in Fairbanks, Alaska.  I used a bit of artistic license with the yard.  I got rid of some of the stuff they had sitting around the yard and then re-landscaped.  I know it's very green but that's one of my favorite colors and there really is a lot of green up there.  I haven't done a silk painting for awhile so I decided to do a graphic painting of this scene.If you want to see the street map view I used, you can see it on Google street maps here.

Fairbanks, Alaska
Image Size 8" x 21"
Silk dyes on silk


  1. I love the graphic feeling this has and all the shades of green. The dark green pine trees really lead the viewer's eye around to all the areas in the painting, too.

  2. Nancy, this is truly gorgeous! I love this!!

  3. It's a great painting and I like how you described your virtual remodeling projects too! If it was only that easy in real life! Don't apologize for the green, that's what makes this piece so unique, and you did such a good job of using different greens for different purposes. Very nice!

  4. Wow! Nancy...this is really all the shades of greens. Great painting.

  5. wonderful work Nancy! very beautiful!

  6. Thanks Theresa. I've always loved graphic looking art which is why I love silk painting.

    Thanks Sherry. I think you would really like painting on silk. just what you need, another hobby, right?

    Thank you Katherine. Yes, this landscaping project was really easy. I didn't even break a sweat!

    Thank you Hilda and Mikko.

  7. These virtual paintings you do are very cool. love the silk.

  8. Thank you Robin. You should paint some for the virtual printout. It's really a lot of fun traveling around finding something to paint.


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