Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Stream - Oil

Virtual paintout's location this month is Fairbanks, Alaska and points north.  There's some beautiful scenery in that state for sure.  My husband and I visited there last summer on a cruise so we didn't make it to Fairbanks but the places we visited were beautiful.  By the end of the week I felt like my eyes couldn't handle any more of that green, lush scenery.  As I was virtually traveling through Alaska this week, this spot caught my attention because of the yellow foliage along with that little stream against the mountains in the background.
This is an oil painting done with a brush.  I was very tempted to use a palette knife in the foreground but wanted to keep a soft feeling throughout the painting.

Summer Stream
Image Size 6" x 6"


  1. It has such a soft feel, with beautiful warm yellows... I thought you used soft pastels at first glance!

  2. Gorgeous golds in this field and I am wondering if the water is cold...?! I have been traveling about Fairbanks myself and was amazed to see swimming pools up there. I would have thought it didn't get warm enough up there but I guess I am either wrong or just plain old not hearty enough! LOL Love those mountains in the distance, my friend.

  3. Hi Robin, it does look like it could be pastels, doesn't it?

    Thanks Sherry, you wouldn't catch me swimming in Fairbanks either. When jerry and I were in Alaska ( of course it was on the coast) the daily high temp was 58-62 degrees. I can only imagine what the water temp. in pools would be.

  4. I like the soft feeling, and the lovely shades of green and gold.

  5. Lovely colors, Nancy! That bright gold green in the foreground is just beautiful. I've never been to Alaska, but I'm pretty sure this is the time of year I'd want to be there.

  6. Beautiful painting, Nancy. So soft and love that stream. My daughter went to Alaska about 8 years ago and still talks about it. Great job on this piece!!

  7. Thanks Carrie. Yes, I think this is the best time to visit.

    Thank you Hilda. I'll probably still be talking about Alaska in 8 years also. It's the most beautiful place I've visited.


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