Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Global Warming

"Global Warming"
Image Size 20" x 14"

I completely forgot about posting this yesterday!  It's been done since last Wednesday so it wasn't on my radar.  You all know how busy everyone gets this time of year so that is my only excuse.

I painted this on a piece of wood that I think is called 'chipboard'.  It has a wonderful texture and pattern that add to the piece.  Because the wax is translucent, the texture is subtle.  I want to do a painting on this surface using acrylic paints and give it a coat of glossy medium first and leave some of the surface unpainted so that the texture really shows.


  1. Beautiful abstract Nancy! It looks like a difficult piece! I love the look of an encaustic painting....

  2. This almost looks like a piece of marble. Wonderful textures

    1. Thanks Nelvia. It does look rather stone-like, doesn't it?


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