Monday, December 21, 2015


Image size 7" x 7"
Watercolor, collage and encaustic

I started this by attaching rice paper in some areas.  Then, I used watercolor and finished by giving it a coat of clear encaustic medium and adding some detail with oil pastel.  Once I fused the encaustic, the pastel became permanent.

Even with the wax coating, the collage texture still shows and gives an interesting effect.  Also, because of the encaustic, the surface can be very shiny or have a dull waxy finish.


  1. Enjoyed reading about your process and the results certainly work. Have a super holiday with family Nancy. Love the colors. Hope this isn't a reality due to any rain you might have gotten.

    1. No, no landslides here thankfully. I just thought it looked like the image was sliding, hence the name. I hope your Christmas was wonderful!


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