Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hillside Vineyard, 30 in 30 - Day 23

I found these cute little stretched canvases the other day.  They are 4" x 12" which I think is a really fun proportion for many scenes.  Here's my first try using one.

Only eight paintings to go in this challenge and I'm getting excited to work on some bigger, more serious paintings.

Hillside Vineyard
Image Size 4" x 12"


  1. Oh this is so beautiful! Look at the misty shrouded peak in the distance!

  2. Morning,like the size here and the sense of atmosphere and perspective. The rolling hills full of grapes - nice.
    I guess I have hit the wall as I am now ready for this to be over and am having trouble getting up my energy. Know it's just today, but ...

    1. I agree. This challenge is getting to be a bit much but it's almost over.


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